Product Line Optimization

TURF Analysis – Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency – was originally designed for analysis of media campaigns, but we have expanded its application. Our TURF and TurfMAX techniques optimize the composition of your product lines. We can help you determine which products should be added to your line-up, and sometimes more importantly, which products should be removed.

By understating the source of volume versus the competition and suggesting the best substitutes for “out of stock” issue, Radix helps you find “win/win” situations for you and your retailers.

Moreover, we provide you with interactive tools that are easy to use, should you wish to conduct “what if” scenarios of your own.

Why Optimize Your Product Lines?

In general, the more products or menu items you offer the higher your share. However, there is a point of diminishing returns. Every item you bring to market costs you money.

The optimal product line:

  • Maximizes consumer take-away
  • Maximizes profitability by establishing the best total returns
  • Reveals which items to discontinue, substitute, refresh, introduce
  • Identifies competitive sources of volume, and avoids internal cannibalization

With the Radix Line Optimizer you go beyond techniques like the traditional TURF:

  • Look at volume and share based results, not just incidence
  • Understand how different SKUs address different needs
  • See how your products interact with the competition

Get Results You Can Use

  • Custom simulator automatically generates the optimal product lineup and allows analysis of any possible variation
  • Test your innovative products – which ones add share?
  • Target your consumer subgroups – region, age, heavy users
  • Input internal costs to maximize margins
  • See which occasions drive consumption
  • Bonus “decision tree” analysis to help you understand how customers choose

Method Highlights

  • Cost efficient on-line interview – 12-15 minutes
  • Engaging, highly visual and interactive
  • Target respondents to match your market and your category definitions


  • Consumer packaged goods portfolios
  • Brand flavours and variants
  • Food service menus
  • Financial service products