About Us

Our History

Formed in 2006, Radix Market Research is the result of a partnership between three leading research firms: Dadson ResearchVantage Research Group, and LLS Market Research. With over 40 years of experience in consumer analysis, we have contacted tens of thousands of our clients’ customers to produce deeper insights to how they may improve their product or service, optimize their offering, and create innovations that work. Simply put, we help our clients better market to their target.

Our global client base finds value in our flexible and responsive solutions that we tailor for both medium businesses and large corporations. Each solution is custom designed for each client’s unique project, using a hybrid of time-proven research methodologies as well as ground-breaking approaches. To achieve the level of precision we pride ourselves upon, we use advanced statistical analyses software, including our own internally developed applications.

Our Mission

Provide unparalleled research solutions by…

  • Clearly defining and understanding our clients’ needs
  • Using the most innovative and powerful research techniques
  • Employing precise, powerful, and often unique analytical techniques
  • Providing interactive tools so the client can manage the results themselves
  • Presenting accessible results in a highly visual and engaging manner
  • Providing superior, actionable insights

We rely on our valued partners at Radix Market Research to provide creative research solutions that unlock powerful insights and translate them into practical strategies our business leaders can execute against in the marketplace.

Alice Paquette