Whether you are looking for tried and true research methods or new and innovative ways to look into the minds of consumers – we are here to help. Explore some of our common options below or contact us to find what works for you.


Bringing a new product to market? Strengthening an existing brand? BrandSCAPE™ can help align consumers to their purchase motivations.

Product Line Optimization

Too many SKUs in your product line? Rationalizing your product offerings? Line optimization provides specific recommendations.

Tracking Studies

Is your brand growing or shrinking? Are customer perceptions changing? Tracking studies give guidance in an evolving marketplace.

Conjoint Analyses

Change the price, alter the size, add features? What combination maximizes profit? Understand how customers choose products.

Custom Solutions

Making a business decision and need to understand your customer and market better? Together we can craft the right solution.

We rely on our valued partners at Radix Market Research to provide creative research solutions that unlock powerful insights and translate them into practical strategies our business leaders can execute against in the marketplace.

— Alice Paquette

In my dealings with Radix I have found them to be insightful, innovative, and analytically nothing short of brilliant. They are always willing to go the extra mile, even without being asked to do so.

— James DeMello