Our Philosophy

At Radix, we take a multifaceted approach to market research. We believe it is essential for market research to be consumer-centric, yet be obtained indirectly wherever possible. While people and markets are complex, we strive to ensure that our testing is not.

Consumer Centric

Entering every project, we leave all preconceived ideas at the door. With our sophisticated tools, there is no need to predefine markets based on convention. We let the real market information emerge as we learn from the data we collect. Essentially, we allow the markets to define themselves.

Indirect Approach

When directly questioned, consumers are often unable to accurately analyze their actions so their responses can be influenced by social desirability and the willingness to remain polite. Knowing that many consumer decisions are made at the subconscious level, our testing methodologies are designed to elicit the consumers’ natural responses. Utilizing the techniques of the social sciences, we ask questions in an indirect manner so we can deduce consumer decisions based on their actual behavior.


Markets made up by millions of people are incredibly complicated. Combine this with the fact that people themselves are complex, and you can understand why there are no simple answers. Our research tools identify the highlights by eliminating this complexity without ignoring the nuances.


Fatigue is a factor that can influence market research results and their interpretation. Because respondents can easily tire of answering questions, we ensure they are presented with visual tasks that make the survey process more engaging. We take a similar approach for our clients when presenting the results; we provide only the essentials, in a clear, enlightening graphics format.