Whether you are bringing a brand new product to market, or wish to strengthen an existing brand, BrandSCAPE™ can help by aligning consumers to what motivates their purchase. By identifying “white zones” where no competition exists, or “battle grounds” where the consumer is comfortable but wants more, you can reposition your offering to ensure maximum potential sales.

The Visual Difference

Developed in-house, BrandSCAPE™ is the ultimate strategic planning and product innovation tool. At the heart of BrandSCAPE™ is its interactive market structure map, which allows an interactive interpretation of results to visualize the optimal market position using unmet or previously unidentified needs.

Effective Targetting

Our BrandSCAPE™ based studies include an attitudinally based segmentation of respondents. This allows you to refine your perspective of what motivates different groups of category consumers. By showing you how attitudes supersede demographic based differentiations, you can better understand how to target higher volume segments with specific messages and approaches.

Our Team Approach

BrandSCAPE™ is adaptable to each industry because it can be customized specifically for each use. A project often begins with preliminary qualitative data to set up criterion. However, to maximize the usefulness of the results, we engage our clients as partners, working together to define what is important to the market before the measurement begins. This team approach to the work yields valuable results for our clients.

Get Results You Can Use

  • Multi-layered visual presentation with interactive mapping shows the market from new angles
  • Wide-ranging analytics with segmentation, brand mapping, quadrant analysis decision trees and more
  • Detailed, in-depth custom reporting will be a resource for years.
  • What product attributes do consumers really care about?  And how does your brand score?
  • Where can you find open space and innovation opportunities?
  • See how your new products fit into the current landscape
  • Attitude driven consumer segmentation offers new insights and the best subgroups to target

Method Highlights

  • On-line interview with specialized visual  and interactive techniques to maintain respondent involvement
  •  800+ respondents allows for in-depth analysis
  • Your category users
  • Your market – regional, national or beyond
  • Extensive interview 45 – 90 minutes