Radix Market Research Consultants

Re-position your brands with precision to optimize their potential. By identifying “White Space” and “Battle Zones”, we empower our customers to create a more innovative product that captures a larger market share.

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Radix Market Research Ltd. has been a trusted consultant to Canadian and international clients for over 30 years.

We excel in the development of innovative study designs by devising truly groundbreaking approaches. These advanced designs are frequently developed into research “platforms” as a basis for projects requiring similar insights.

Our Mission at Radix is to provide unparalleled information and insight into business issues using our products developed through unparalleled design expertise and advanced statistical analyses com­bined with our knowledge of your content area. Our methodology is often unique to Radix and always executed with nimble, exacting service by highly experienced research professionals.

Whether you are in the public or private sector, whether your target B2C or B2B, Radix is uniquely positioned to gather and analyze information that will give you the competitive edge.

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Too many SKUs in your product line? Rationalizing your product offerings? Line optimization provides specific recommendations.   Is your brand growing or shrinking? Are customer perceptions changing? Tracking studies give guidance in an evolving marketplace.   Change the price, alter the size, add features? What combination maximizes profit? Understand how customers choose products.   Making a business decision and need to understand your customer and market better? Together we can craft the right solution.